The TRANSFORM programme was created based on the four fundamental pillars of sustainable weight loss for a complete lifestyle re-set.

How does TRANSFORM programme work? 

Start with your initial 60-minute consultation during which we go through your health history, lifestyle, background and goals. 

Once we identify your goals we can pick the right programme option for you. Choose from one of our existing option or design your own programme from scratch.

You will be provided with a personalised food and exercise plan, weekly consultation and optional 1:1 personal training sessions.


To book or design your own programme CONTACT  us today!


Re-set your lifestyle and lose up to 1 kg per week with the TRANSFORM  programme. You will notice body fat shedding away at an exceptional rate, energy levels soar and stress will become a thing of the past.

 What's included in the TRANSFORM programme:

- Tailored food plan with 70+ recipes, including options for

when you are on the go. Your plan will be updated regularly

to keep you on track.

- 1:1 weekly nutrition consultations in person or remotely via

FaceTime, ZOOM, Viber and Skype.

- Workout plan and optional 1:1 personal training sessions,

 including video recording of your workouts you can follow

from anywhere.

- Weekly coaching to help you improve sleep quality and 

reduce stress

- Continues support via phone and email

Learn the fundamentals of the programme 

Most popular option 

Annual programme option

6 x weekly consultation


Food plan

12 x weekly consultations 


Food plan (updated weekly)

Multiple weekly consultations 


Food plan (updated weekly)







Drop up to two dress sizes

Drop up to four dress sizes

Drop desired weight 


Transform your wellbeing

Personalised exercise plan 


6 x PT sessions

Personalised exercise plan


12 x weekly PT sessions

Personalised exercise plan 


Flexible PT sessions


Sophie, Ealing

I tried every diet out there and ended up causing damage to my body. I was ready to give up, then I was recommended to try this method by a friend who had lost weight following her programme. I took a leap of faith and signed up. I dropped four dress sizes in 12 weeks and 6 months later I am effortlessly able to maintain the results. I couldn't be happier.


- 12 week programme

Amal, Maida Vale

I wanted to lose weight in time for my wedding, I met Iman by chance and I am grateful I did! I lost 6 kgs in 8 weeks, needless to say my dress fit exactly the way I wanted. The lifestyle coaching sessions were my favourite part of the programme because it made me realise the root cause of my unhealthy habits. 

- 8 week programme

Olivia, Richmond

I thought I was doing things right until insomnia kicked in. I found myself getting stressed over every little thing and gained a stone in less than a year. I was intrigued by the approach and decided to try it out. I lost the excess weight and best of all learnt about the importance of balancing sleep. the little changes made all the difference. I feel like a new person now and will never go back to the way I use to be. 

- 12 week programme

 Ready to lose weight for good? 

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